At Givebutter, it's our goal to become your long-term partner in making the world a better place. To help achieve this, we've carefully structured our platform so that you'll no longer have to start from scratch every time you need to raise money. Whenever you're ready to start a new campaign, all of your past donor information, campaign details, members and more will be readily accessible for you to utilize inside of your account's central dashboard.

How to create a new campaign

Simple! Click the [+ New campaign] button below the word "Campaigns" in your dashboard's sidebar.

Choosing a campaign type

Givebutter has three distinct campaign types for collecting basic donations, running full-fledged fundraisers, and selling tickets:

1. Collect - a simple form for collecting donations, dues, and other payments

  • Important features: Accept Venmo + all major cards, Transparent fees, Automatic receipts
  • Pricing: 1% platform fee + 2.9% & 30¢ payment processing fee
  • Choose Collect if you are looking for a simple way for people to donate to your cause, without any frills

2. Fundraise - social crowdfunding pages for individual and team fundraising

  • Includes all features in Collect
  • Important features: Trackable links, Custom donations, Likes & comments, Goal, Timeline
  • Pricing: 2% platform fee + 2.9% & 30¢ payment processing fee
  • Choose Fundraise if you want to incorporate social fundraising elements such as a supporter feed with optional additions like a fundraising goal, end date, story, team members, and more.

3. Events - sell tickets and register attendees on top of a fundraising campaign

  • Includes all features in Collect and Fundraise
  • Important features: Unlimited ticket types, Paid tickets, Free tickets, Custom quantities, Optional donations
  • Pricing: 39¢ per paid ticket + Fundraise fees
  • Choose Events if your campaign revolves around an actual event. You'll be able to add event details and sell paid & free tickets on top of a fundraising campaign

Note: Your account already includes all Platform features, completely free. A full list of features can be found here, and a more detailed pricing breakdown can be found here.

Final details

The last thing you need to do is give your campaign a title and select a creator + beneficiary:

Title – You'll be able to edit this later, but as a rule of thumb:

  1. For Collect campaigns: Keep it simple - "Donate to (your name)" works just fine
  2. For Fundraise campaigns: Use actionable titles like "Support (your name) (do xyz)"
  3. For Events campaigns: Use the event's name (if you have one)

Creator – if you are fundraising as a group, choose the group account. If you are fundraising by yourself, choose your personal account.

Beneficiary – In 90% of cases this will be your own group. If you're fundraising for another group on Givebutter, you can search for them here. If you can't find the beneficiary, just select your own group and you can still send them the funds directly.

Click Create!

High-five! Your campaign has been created. Now what?

The best way to get started is by following the steps shown on your campaign's welcome card.

Be sure to poke around each tab in your Campaign Manager (Details, Story, Team, and Settings), and fill in any extra information pertinent to your campaign.

What's next?

Learn how to add members, payout information, and account details.

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