At Givebutter, it's our goal to become your long-term partner in making the world a better place. To help achieve this, we've carefully structured our platform so that you'll no longer have to start from scratch every time you need to raise money.

Whenever you're ready to start a new campaign, all of your past donor information, campaign details, members, and more will be readily accessible for you to utilize inside of your Dashboard.

How to create a new campaign

Navigate to your Dashboard sidebar and under the word Campaigns, click + New Campaign.

Choose a campaign type by clicking Go!

Name your new campaign and click Create Campaign!

You'll be able to edit your campaign name later, but as a rule of thumb:

  • For Collect campaigns: Keep it simple - "Donate to (your name/cause)" works just fine

  • For Fundraise campaigns: Use actionable titles like "Help (your name/cause) (do XYZ)"

  • For Events campaigns: Use the event's name (if you have one) or something like “Join us at (XYZ venue) for a night of fun and philanthropy!”

High-five! Your campaign is ready to go.

Now what?

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