One of the most popular features on Givebutter is the ability for donors to customize their donations, which enables them to add a message of support along with an image, animated GIF, or drawing that will appear in a campaign's Supporter Feed.

Please note that this feature is only available for Fundraise and Events campaigns.

First, select the Donate Now button in the right hand corner (on desktop) or bottom of the page (on mobile). 

You will be asked the amount you'd like to donate and the team member to whom to credit your donation. If you are already on the donation page of the person you'd like to donate to, it will automatically credit the donation to them.  

Hit "Continue."  Now it's the fun part! You can customize the name that will appear from your donation (i.e. "Your BFFL") and any message you want to appear. 

If you don't see buttons for GIFs or art, click the plus arrow next to "Add a visual."

You can upload a photo from your computer, make a drawing, add your Facebook profile picture, or search for a GIF.  Here's what searching and choosing a GIF looks like:

When you feel like your donation is ready, click the "I'm done" button at the bottom to add your payment information. Your donation will show up in the Supporters Feed on the campaign page. 

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