How do I send my funds directly to a nonprofit?

It's easy to send your campaign payouts directly to a beneficiary nonprofit account on Givebutter

Please make sure that the nonprofit you want to fundraise for also has an account on Givebutter, then use the chat widget or email [email protected] with the following details.

  • Your Givebutter account user email

  • The campaign URL you wish to link to the beneficiary

  • Confirm the beneficiary Account name

  • Copy a member of the beneficiary's team in the message to double-opt-into the connection

Note: Beneficiary connections can only be made prior to raising funds on a campaign. If you intend to make a beneficiary connection DO NOT start accepting donations until the connection is made.

Sending funds directly to a nonprofit on Givebutter is a great way to make sure the causes you care about receive support quickly and seamlessly.

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