Selecting a custom theme colors is a great way to add a personal touch to your campaign page and we make it super easy for you to do so!

Click on any campaign in your left sidebar and navigate to the "Details" tab.

Choose a theme color from the preset options or add your own hex code, and hit "Save".

Givebutter will automatically update the Donate button and text colors of your campaign page to match!

You can also set an account-wide theme color in the Account Settings area of your Dashboard. Navigate to the Branding tab and select your Main Theme Color to act as the default color across all of your new campaigns. 🎉

Feature Availability

Theme Colors can be used with all of Givebutter's free products:

  • Collect – donation form, donate button, dues/payments

  • Fundraise – crowdfunding, team/peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Events – ticketing & registration

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