Customer messages of support, including GIFs, Drawings, Images & Emojis, were one of the first features we built on Givebutter and they've been a staple of our campaign pages ever since. Conventional wisdom says donation forms should be as quick as possible—no frills. We're all about simplicity, but not at the cost of providing you and your donors with the beautiful giving experience you deserve. In fact, we frequently hear that messages of support are our users' favorite part of Givebutter, and that seeing the flood of images, GIFs, messages, etc. come in was a totally unexpected bonus, which encouraged more sharing and community buy-in as a result.

For a walkthrough on messages of support, check out this FAQ article. If you'd like to try leaving a message of support yourself, please feel free to visit this demo campaign and make a test donation.

Live Example

See this feature in action by going through the donation flow of our demo campaign here:

Feature Availability

GIFs, Drawings, Images & Emojis are included in the following free Givebutter products:

  • Fundraise – crowdfunding, team/peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Events – ticketing & registration

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