On Givebutter, you can be assured that the date, time, and location will appear throughout your event page, automatically generated emails, and PDF tickets so that none of your attendees will miss a beat.

We also use this information to populate our native Google Maps integration and Add to Calendar button – so it's important stuff!

Adding and editing your campaign’s Date, Time, Location

You’ll need to create an Events campaign to add a Date, Time, Location block to your page. If you’ve already created a Collect or Fundraise campaign, you can easily switch the Campaign Type.

  1. Navigate to the Event tab in your Campaign Manager and select if your event is hosted digitally or in-person.

2. Scroll down and optionally, set the start and end time of your event and add a location.

  • In-person Events offer the option for a physical location, start and end time, plus privacy details. 

3. Don't forget to press [Save]!

Live Example: In-Person Event Tickets

  1. Head to our Events demo campaign here: https://demo.givebutter.com/events

  2. Scroll down to the “Events” Section 

  3. There they are! Date, Time, and Location

Live Example: Digital Event Tickets

  1. Head to our Livestream Events demo campaign here: https://demo.givebutter.com/livestream

  2. Scroll down to the “Events” Section 

  3. There they are! Date, Time, and Location

Feature Availability

Date, Time, Location are included with the following free Givebutter products:

  • Events – ticketing & registration with fundraising

  • Platform – CRM (dashboard)

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