On Givebutter, you can be assured that the date, time, and location will appear throughout your event page, automatically generated emails, and PDF tickets so that none of your attendees will miss a beat.

We also use this information to populate our native Google Maps integration and Add to Calendar button – so it's important stuff!

Adding and editing your campaign’s Date, Time, Location

You’ll need to create an Events campaign to add a Date, Time, Location block to your page. If you’ve already created a Collect or Fundraise campaign, you can easily switch the Campaign Type.

1. Navigate to the [🎟 Events] tab in your Campaign Manager:

2. Update the fields with your event information

3. Don't forget to press [Save]!

Live Example

  1. Head to our Events demo campaign here: https://demo.givebutter.com/events
  2. Scroll down to the “Events” Section 
  3. There they are! Date, Time, and Location

Feature Availability

Date, Time, Location are included with the following free Givebutter products:

  • Events – ticketing & registration with fundraising
  • Platform – CRM (dashboard)

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