If you are running an event with the purpose of raising money for a cause, one of the easiest ways to double your earning potential is to ask attendees for a donation on top of their ticket purchase. Over 60% of attendees donate $10 or more!

Add a Donation is an automatic feature of the Givebutter Events platform. Contact us if you’d like to turn this feature off for your Event.Β 

Pro tip: You can pair this feature with others like Can't Attend? Donate, Custom Donation Amounts, Recurring Donations, and Trackable Links + Leaderboards for maximum fundraising event ROI!


Live Example

  1. Head to our Live Events demo campaign here: https://demo.givebutter.com/events

  2. Click "Donate & Tickets"

  3. Choose a ticket type and continue

  4. There it is! A simple ask for an additional donation

Feature Availability

Add a Donation is included with the following free Givebutter products:

  • Events – ticketing & registration with fundraising

  • Platform – CRM (dashboard)

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