Offline Donations is one of the most powerful features of the Givebutter Platform‍, enabling you to track and manage all of your donor information in one place so you can scale fundraising efforts beyond digital payments and into the real world.

Maintaining all your donor information in one place increases your fundraising productivity and efficiency while letting you get back to focusing on what’s most important, the mission of your organization, business, school, or team.Β 

Here are just a few of the many ways you can use this feature:

  • Sync cash, check and other "offline" donations with your online fundraising campaigns' total raised, goal progress, supporter feed, etc.

  • Credit members, teams, and/or chapters with any offline donations they receive

  • Give your offline donors the ability to customize their donation for the Supporter Feed

  • Integrate your Offline Donations with third-party apps‍

  • Automate the sending of tax receipts to your offline donors

Note: Givebutter does not take any fees for inputting Offline Donations. They are completely free to add and do not affect payouts in any way.


Feature Availability

Offline Donations can be used with all of Givebutter's free products:

  • Collect – donation form, donate button, dues/payments

  • Fundraise – crowdfunding, team/peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Events – ticketing & registration

  • Platform – CRM (dashboard)

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