Where can I find my campaign link? 

You can find your campaign link in one of three places at any time:

  1. Your email – Givebutter sends you an email immediately after creating or joining a campaign with your campaign link
  2. Your dashboard – Log into the dashboard and navigate to your campaign. At the top, you'll see a white box with your campaign link, a view link button, and some social icons for easy sharing.
  3. Your group page – If you have a group account, all of your campaigns will live on your group's landing page.

How do member links work?

Member links are considered a sub-link of the main campaign link:

https://givebutter.com / [campaign-link] / [member-link]

If there are multiple teams on the campaign, which is possible on Fundraise Pro, then your URL structure can look like this:

https://givebutter.com / [campaign-link] / [team-link] / [member-link]

So, if your member link is givebutter.com/[campaign-link]/john-smith, then you could navigate to your main campaign link just by deleting "/john-smith" from the end of the link. The same applies for teams.

Which link should you share?

If you are sharing from your group's social media accounts, you'd probably want to use just the main campaign link. If you are sharing with personal friends and family, you'll want to use your member link since it's trackable and your page can be personalized.

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