Nonprofits on Givebutter can have access to a special set of features created specifically for organizations with local chapters. 

How chapters work and why they're important

In a nutshell, your account is considered the "parent" account, and your chapters are linked as "child" accounts. This simple concept has tremendous benefits, such as:

  • Payout control — All funds raised by chapters can go directly to the parent account, or alternatively you can enable chapters to withdraw funds themselves — it's up to you

  • Donor management — All information is streamlined so that you always know who is donating, to which chapter, and to whom (if applicable)

  • Member management — Know who is in every chapter and how much they're fundraising

  • Chapter management — Track all of your chapter's fundraising activity, on the national and local levels

  • Ease of use — Chapter accounts inherit basic information like their Cover Photo and About section from the parent account

  • Admin control — Click on a chapter in your dashboard to dive into their account, exactly as they see it, and easily view or edit anything

How is this different from other fundraising sites?

Most other fundraising platforms treat chapters as "teams" on a per-campaign basis. This means that every time you start a new campaign, you have to re-create each chapter. Furthermore, chapters don't usually get accounts, meaning if you want to enable them to have their own fundraising campaigns, events, and/or donation forms, none of this will be linked to your organization in a coherent way.

On Givebutter, chapter accounts never expire, meaning that you can build a true fundraising history and infrastructure for your organization that will grow over time.

Getting started with chapters and how to manage them

How can I add/create a chapter?

1. First, head to your Dashboard and select the "Chapters" tab on the left
(if you don't see this tab, please contact us)

2. Click the blue "Create Chapters" button at the top

3. You'll see three fields: 

  • Name (name of the chapter): if you leave this blank, we'll use the School field to automatically set the chapter name as "[Nonprofit Name] at [School Name]"

  • School: we'll use this to show their University's logo automatically (only colleges can be linked at this time, if applicable). 

  • Administrator Emails: Include any emails separated by commas that you want to add as admins at the chapter level (i.e. you can add the chapter President and Treasurer). Note: you don't have to add admins to create a chapter, and you can do so at a later date (explained further below)

To add multiple chapters at once, simply click the plus ( + ) button.

How can I manage existing chapters (i.e. add/remove members, edit campaigns)?

1. First, head to your Dashboard and select the "Chapters" tab on the left
(if you don't see this tab, please contact us)

2. Click on a chapter in the table (anywhere on the row)

3. You're in! Notice that on the top left you now see the chapter's name instead of your parent account's name. This means that you are inside of the chapter account's dashboard. 

Once you're in a chapter's account, you've got total control: 

  • To add/edit/remove chapter members, head to the Members tab (note the different roles & permissions will only apply at the chapter level). To add an admin after a chapter is created, you'll need to invite them via email as member first. Once they join, then you can change their permission level to Admin.

  • To create or manage chapter campaigns, check out the Campaigns tab

  • To change a chapter account's settings, click on the Settings icon in the sidebar

  • To view a chapter's donors, click on Donations

  • and so on...


This guide is brand new, so please let us know if we missed anything!

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