Running multi-team fundraising campaigns has never been easier. And combined with Givebutter’s powerful team fundraising features, it’s never been more effective, either.

With Multi-team Fundraising, you can add multiple teams to campaigns, each with their own members, pages, goals,  leaderboards, and more.

Please note: Multi-Team Fundraising is an add-on. Contact us to get started!

How it Works

Creating multi-team fundraising campaigns is one of the best and most powerful features on Givebutter.  First, if you haven't yet, check out this demo campaign and click on the different teams/member pages to get an idea of what multi-team fundraising can look like. A few extra notes:

  • Click "Donate" – this entire donation form can be embedded on your site, with chapters and members
  • You can also sell tickets and registrations with chapters (learn more about Events on Givebutter)
  • This is considered just one campaign, which each chapter "joins" as a "Team"
  • Teams can be linked to accounts, such as chapters (learn more).

1. To set something like this up, the first thing you'll want to do is create a campaign from inside your dashboard. Always choose Fundraise as the campaign type unless you want to sell tickets/registrations, which would be Events.

2. Add photos, details, Story, etc. to your campaign if you have them ready.

3. Contact us and we will add teams to your campaign within 48 hours. (this part is currently a manual step but we are working on making it self-service). If at any point you add/remove a team, just let us know. All we need is the Team Name and Team Logo (optional) for each team – any format works!

4. Members can set a personal goal and personal Story.

5. Teams can also have a team goal and customize their page further. To do so, please contact us or ask a team member to do so (self-service coming soon).

6. At any point during the campaign, you can withdraw all available funds


Multi-team fundraising works with all of Givebutter’s standard team fundraising features, both on the member and team levels:

✓ Team Leaderboard

✓ Member Leaderboard

✓ Personalized Pages

✓ Trackable Links

✓ Automated Donor Invites

Learn more about Team Fundraising on Givebutter

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