How do I add/edit my Personal Goal?

First, log into your Givebutter account. Then go to your Team Member campaign page. If you aren’t sure where to find this, check out our guide on how to find your campaign URL/ link.

  1. Select SHARE & Manage.

    an arrow points to the share & manage hyperlink
  2. Click on the EDIT PAGE tab.

  3. Enter your fundraising goal.

  4. Click SAVE PAGE.

an arrow points to the edit page tab

Additional information

  • Your Personal Goal will update in real-time on the page as you edit it.

  • Personal Goals will not affect the overall campaign goal in any way, and will only be visible on each member's Team Member page, located at their unique Trackable Link.

  • If you’re an admin of a campaign you can also edit the campaign's goal through the campaign manager.

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