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Spotlight Fundraising

When it comes to raising money, friendly competition is usually a good thing — but not always! Sometimes, you may want supporters to able to have their own personalized pages without showing other teams and members on the page. This is where Spotlight Fundraising comes in.

In a nutshell, the idea of Spotlight Fundraising is to put a spotlight on individual team & member pages, while hiding everything else. Doing so ensures that all other teams, members, leaderboards, and donations always remain hidden, except on their own pages and the main campaign page.

See a live demo of Spotlight Fundraising!

Giving Days

One of the most successful campaign formats of all-time is commonly referred to as a “Giving Day”, which is a (typically 24-hour) blitz to raise as much money as possible. Fortunately, Givebutter can perfectly replicate and improve upon this incredibly popular format with any of the following (optional) features:

  • Add matching donors to your campaign page and automatically multiply matched donations accordingly

  • Add a countdown timer to your campaign page

  • Add event details to Nested Fundraising campaigns

  • Use Multi-team Fundraising to enable multiple groups, teams, organizations, and/or causes to participate in a single campaign

  • Use Spotlight Fundraising to sharpen the focus on individual teams/members

See a live demo of Giving Days!

Custom Layouts

We’re constantly tweaking and experimenting with our fundraising pages to deliver the best experience possible. If there’s something you’d like to change, add, or remove from your page, let us know and we might be able to help. Please note that of course, this is not a guarantee, but it happens more often than you might think!

Getting Started with Advanced Fundraising Formats

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