Kickstarter and Indiegogo made all-or-nothing campaigns famous, and for good reason! They’re an excellent way to increase buy-in from donors and ensure funds only get processed if you’ve earned them and/or are able to use them. However, Kickstarter and Indiegogo aren’t exactly built for donation-driven organizations — and that’s where Givebutter comes in.

Please note: Pledge Donations is an add-on. Contact us to get started!

How it Works

Currently, Pledge Donations are set up manually for you by the Givebutter team. You let us know your goal(s)/milestone(s) to trigger, and we’ll set up your campaign accordingly. These triggers can occur across the entire campaign or at the member level (i.e. only process donations for members that meet their goals).

We review all Pledge Campaigns thoroughly to protect donors from bad actors.

Learn more: Pledge Donation FAQs (for donors)

Common Use Cases

No matter how you use Pledge Donations, the underlying tech is the same: donations only process if you meet a specific goal or milestone. However, since we don’t strictly define “goal” or “milestone” on purpose, the use cases for this can vary widely. Here are a few common ones:

  • Only process donations if over $__________ is raised. 
  • Only process donations if selected to participate in an event.
  • Only process donations if an event or challenge is successfully completed.

Getting Started with Pledge Donations

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