Before setting up your Campaign, you’ll want to make sure you’ve set up your account and started a new campaign.

Setting up your Collect Campaign

Every Givebutter campaign has its own Campaign Manager and customizable features that are managed from the Dashboard. To edit your campaign details, click on the Campaigns tab on the left-hand side of your Dashboard. Next, select the edit icon next to the desired campaign and start by reviewing the Details tab.


This information is used on your Landing page, in emails, and in many places throughout Givebutter.

  • Choose a title and theme color for your campaign.

  • Add a description to your campaign. This appears directly below the title.


Configure the sharing settings for promoting your campaign.

  • Customize your campaign link 

  • Access the code for your embeddable widget, to accept donations on your website with a single line of code

  • Access the directions for enabling our Text-to-Donate feature and set your campaign's unique short code

  • Save or print the automatically generated QR Code that links directly to your campaign page

  • Manage your SEO Title and Description used on Google and when sharing on social media. We use your campaign title by default.


Configure the payment options available on your campaign.

  • Toggling Accepting Payments opens and closes the ability to make donations through your campaign page

  • Require donor phone numbers or billing addresses

  • Allow supporters to select "Pay by Check" and, once turned on, configure the mailing directions

  • Manage your campaign level fund configuration

  • Customize the default donation amounts on your page and add an optional description, to contextualize each donation amount

  • Set up and manage your campaign's custom fields


  • Manage your personal notifications

  • Configure the fees on your campaign

  • Duplicate, delete, and manage the visibility of this campaign.

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