How do I delete team members?

Navigate to the Campaign, Team Tab. Mark the check box next to the Team Member you'd like deleted. Click Remove from campaign. 

Click Remove 1 member and you're done!

How do I remove someone as a team member but allow them admin/editor access?

Removing a team member from a campaign but allowing them administrative access is easy on Givebutter. 

First, follow the above direction to delete the team member from the Campaign. 

Then, navigate to the Account Settings, Users Tab and add the user via email as an admin or editor. 

They will now be able to view the Dashboard, but not displayed as a Campaign team member. 

How do I turn off team fundraising? 

Not raising with Team Members, but still want the other features of Fundraise and Events campaigns? No problem, you're one click away from disabling team

Start in your dashboard and select the Campaign you'd like edit.

Next, navigate to the Team tab and click the "Team fundraising settings." Then click the "Enable Team fundraising" toggle to switch the feature on and off. 

Team Members will no longer be displayed on your campaign page. This functionality can be turned on again at any time by following the same directions.

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