How to delete a Team Member

  1. Start in your Dashboard and select the Campaign the Team Member is a part of.

  2. Navigate to the TEAM tab and locate the Team Member you'd like to remove.

  3. Click the (...) next to the Team Member's name and select DELETE from the dropdown menu.

  4. Confirm that you want to delete this Team Member. This action cannot be undone.

screenshot of deleting a team member


How do I remove someone as a team member but allow them admin/editor access?

Removing a team member from a campaign will not impact their admin/editor access.

If you'd like to add or remove admin/editor access as well, please follow these directions for changing User roles or deleting Users.

How do I turn off team fundraising?

If you'd like to disable team member fundraising, follow the steps to enable team member fundraising but toggle the option off, instead of on.

What happens to the donations that were credited to a Team Member if the Team Member is deleted?

Donations will remain with the Campaign, they just won't be assigned to a Team Member anymore.

Pro tip: Team member fundraising is available on Pages and Events; it is NOT available on Form Campaigns.

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