How to Export Campaigns to CSVĀ 

Visit the Givebutter Dashboard Campaign tab and click the Export to CSV button located at the top right of the table. Your export will be prepared and a link will be sent to your email.

Using your data

The following fields are available after exporting:

  • id - The Givebutter campaign ID

  • type

  • title

  • url

  • slug

  • goal

  • raised - The vanity amount displayed on the front-end of how much you've raised. This value includes offline donations, matching donations, and any custom starting value our team entered into your campaign. This should NOT be used for any financial reconciliation.

  • supporters - The vanity number of supporters that donated to your campaign. Similar to raised, this should not be used for any meaningful financial information.

  • balance_raised - The amount of money raised via payable channels. This excludes offline donations, refunds, disputed transactions, and pending pledges.

  • balance_fees - The amount of fees on the balance_raised (includes both processing and platform fees).

  • balance_fees_covered - The amount of fees covered by supporters on the balance_raised.

  • balance_payable - The amount of money Givebutter is set to pay out (balance_raised - balance_fees + balance_fees_covered).

  • balance_paid_out - The amount of money that has already been paid out.

  • created_at - The date/time this campaign was created in UTC.

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