What are tips?

In short, tips are an easy way for people to support Givebutter's free and transparent business model. We rely on these tips to support our mission and provide our platform for free, with no out-of-pocket expenses to organizations. You can read more about optional Tips here.

Example of a campaign with the option to tip enabled:

A screenshot of how Tips appear on our checkout slide. A yellow box says "Add a tip to support Givebutter. Givebutter does not charge any platform fees and relies on your generosity to support this free fundraising service." It has a link to this article as well. At the bottom, the screenshot says: "0% platform fee plus 2.9% and 30 cents processing fee plus 10% option tip."

What are the fees?

There are two types of fees on Givebutter:

  • Platform fees: these go to Givebutter to pay for costs such as website hosting and support. Platform fees scale from 1-5%, based on the type of campaign you’re running. (Platform Fees are only charged if optional Tips are disabled.)

  • Processing fees: these go to credit card and payment processing companies like Visa and American Express. These fees cover the secure online processing of each transaction.

Example of a Page campaign with the option to tip disabled:

A screenshot of our donation checkout slide showing the total transaction fees for a campaign. At the bottom it says "3% platform fee plus 2.9% and 30 cents processing fee" which equals $6.39 for a $100 donation.

What does 100% transparency mean?

Givebutter is committed to providing complete transparency for donors and fundraisers alike. As a user, you have complete control over the fees and tips shown to your donors at some of the lowest rates in the fundraising industry.

It's completely free to create a Givebutter account and get started!

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