Instead of hosting your campaigns, events, and forms on Givebutter's website, you can seamlessly integrate our entire platform with your own website via your own domain or subdomain, without losing out on any Givebutter functionality.

What is a custom domain?

A custom domain is a unique URL that you use to visit a website, such as

For this article, we will be referencing a custom domain that Givebutter owns - Feel free to visualize your organization's domain name while going through this!

The above screenshot shows Givebutter's Giving Hub page (Learn more about Giving Hubs in this Help Center article). The Giving Hub page is being hosted on EatSleepGive's custom domain.


  1. Custom Domain Giving Hub:

  2. Standard Giving Hub on Givebutter's Domain:

Notice how the Dance Marathon page has a longer link hosted on Givebutter's domain (

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is an additional part of your main domain name. Subdomains are created to organize and navigate to different sections of your website. For example, a custom subdomain could be Essentially, we are plugging in a subdomain before the main domain on your website.


Premium members can also host all of their other Givebutter campaign pages on their own, custom domains/subdomains. Each campaign page has a unique Slug at the end of the URL that will send the supporters to your desired campaign. The Slug is the text in the URL after the backslash ("/").

This means any campaign page, whether it be a Collect, Fundraise, or Events campaign, can be hosted on your own website without losing any of the Givebutter functionality!


  1. Event (hosted on a custom domain):

  2. Dance Marathon Event (hosted on Givebutter's domain):

Both of these are Events campaign pages, but Dance Marathon's campaign is on Givebutter's domain (, and EatSleepGive's is on their own custom domain (

Notice how's URL has a unique Slug ("/J9Z6VT") attached to the domain of their main website that brings supporters directly to the campaign page!


Custom Domains and Subdomains are available exclusively for Givebutter Premium customers. If you are interested in Premium, please schedule a demo at

You can learn more about Premium subscriptions on our Pricing Page and our Upgrades Page. Or, try Givebutter completely free by signing up here, and upgrade anytime!

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