Almost every organization has some sort of website. And if that organization raises money, collects donations, or has events, chances are they need a way to direct potential donors and attendees accordingly.

This is where Giving Hubs come in! A Giving Hub is a central webpage where all your Givebutter campaign information exists. This is a great way for donors to see a high-level view of all your ongoing and past successes!

What happens if I am on the old version of the Giving Hub?

With the release of the new Giving Hub, Givebutter will be slowly removing older versions of the Giving Hub over July and August, 2020. Starting on July 15th, 2020, all organizations using the old version of the Giving Hub will be notified and given one month to upgrade to the paid version. If your organization does not want to upgrade, your Giving Hub will be removed from your dashboard 30 days after being notified.

See below a screenshot of the older version of the Giving Hub that will be removed within the next month. If you have a Giving Hub that has a layout similar to this, you can expect to receive an email notification about the update on July 15th, 2020

What does the new Giving Hub look like?

See below for a screenshot of the new-look Giving Hub. If you'd like to learn more check out our Giving Hub informational guide.

What happens if I don't want to upgrade my Giving Hub?

If your organization does not want to upgrade, your Giving Hub will be removed from your dashboard 30 days after being notified. All your other Givebutter campaigns will remain as they are. You will not lose access to any Givebutter Collect, Fundraise, or Events pages that already exist in your dashboard. Only your Giving Hub page will be removed.

How do you enable the Giving Hub?

Enabling a Giving Hub comes as a paid add-on (see below). If you are interested in enabling the Giving Hub, please contact [email protected].

Please note that you must meet the following requirements before contacting us to enable the Giving Hub for your organization:

1. Set your tagline

2. Set a mission statement

3. Upload your logo and cover photo

4. Set a theme color for your account - we highly recommend using a custom color that matches your organization's branding. You can enter a hex value in the box.

5. Add as many social accounts as you can

6. Fill in your About section with some details about your organization

7. Have at least one campaign in your account

8. Have received at least one donation

Is the Giving Hub a paid add-on?

Yes, Giving Hubs are priced at $29/month. We also offer quarterly billing for $87/quarter and annual billing for $348/year.

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