Note: This feature is limited to Pro and Premium customers.


The Mailchimp integration is part of our continued effort to provide Pro and Premium customers with custom branding options. This integration allows you to replace the default Givebutter "subscribe" section, located on the donation form's confirmation page, with your own Mailchimp newsletter. Alternatively, you may remove it altogether.

Setting up your Integration

To set up your Mailchimp integration you will need:

  • A Givebutter account with a Pro or Premium subscription.

  • A Mailchimp account with an API key and the Audience ID of the audience you want donors to subscribe to.

Locate and create your Mailchimp API key

You can go to this link to get to the API keys section of your Mailchimp account: Your API Keys. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

From your Mailchimp Dashboard, navigate to your profile page.

From your profile, go to "Extras" > "API keys".

If you need a new key, click "Create A Key". You'll need the key under the "API key" column for adding the integration.

Locate your Mailchimp Audience ID

Under "Audiences", go to the "Settings" page of the audience you want donors to subscribe to.

Go to the "Audience name and defaults" page.

You'll find your Audience ID here. This is the second piece of data you'll need to enter into the integration form.

Adding the Mailchimp Integration

  1. Visit your Givebutter Dashboard and navigate to the "Integrations" tab.

  2. Locate the Mailchimp box and expand it.

  3. Click "Edit".

  4. Enter your Mailchimp API key and Audience ID that you previously located.

  5. Click "Save".

Enable Custom Branding

  1. Click "Account Settings" in the dashboard's side navigation panel.

  2. Go to the "Branding" tab.

  3. Turn on "Custom Branding" by clicking the toggle button.

Use your Mailchimp newsletter

Once you enable custom branding, a setting will be revealed to configure your post-gift newsletter.

  1. Select "Use my Mailchimp list" from the dropdown.

  2. Fill out the "Call to Action" field. This is the message that will be displayed to the donor.

  3. Click "Save".

Note: You have "Hide the subscription box" as an option if you'd rather not show it.

New donors will now be able to subscribe to your newsletter.

FAQs and Support

Who can use this feature?

The integration is part of the custom branding features offered to Pro and Premium customers. You can find pricing information at

I'm having trouble finding my Mailchimp API key and/or Audience ID

Mailchimp has their own support articles that you may find useful:

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