Use Cases

  • Schools that want each grade/class to be a "team member"

  • Groups that are fundraising together and don't need individual pages (board of directors, staff)

  • Multiple organizations fundraising for a charity: Live Example

  • Any scenario where the team member doesn’t need access to edit their profile

From the Givebutter Dashboard, click the campaign you’d like to add the Team Member to.

Click the Team page and then Add Team Members.

Click the option for Add manually and type a name under Display Name. Add a photo and a fundraising goal, if desired.

You can continue to add additional team members using the Create and add another button, or simply click Create and close.

Note: adding a team member manually will prevent them from having log-in access to a Team Member profile they can update on their own. This is a way to add team members who will not need to edit their fundraising page details.

Admins and Editors can always edit Team Member details like name, photo, fundraising goal, and a personal story from the Team page.

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