Hybrid Events provide the functionality of both In-person and Digital Events in the same Givebutter campaign.

This feature offers enhanced flexibility for your Events. As an example, you can host an in-person event for a select group while offering a live stream for a wider audience at the same time.

Enable Hybrid Events

Choosing the hybrid option changes some aspects of your Events campaign, which we will cover here. To change your event to Hybrid, you'll need to select the option in the Event tab of a campaign.

Once you've selected the Hybrid option, you'll notice that your Event Details subtab allows you to fill out details for the In-person and Digital portions of your event simultaneously.


Tickets created for a Hybrid event are required to specify whether the ticket applies to the In-person or Digital portion of the Event. You'll see the new field in the Tickets subtab in the Event section when adding a new ticket.

  • In-person tickets issued to donors will be in the form of a PDF attachment

  • Digital tickets will have a "Check-in & Watch" link within the email itself. Donors can check themselves in automatically by visiting the link provided in the email.

Note: If you convert from a Hybrid event to an In-person or Digital Event, all of your existing tickets will be converted to match the event type.

Event Details

The event section on your campaign page will merge the In-person and Digital portions of your Hybrid event into one cohesive summary.

Note: The "Add to Calendar" button will include In-person and Digital Livestream details in the calendar event's description.

Calendar Invites

A donor's email receipt will include a calendar invite with your In-person and Digital Livestream details. The event will be pre-filled with details pertaining to the event.

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