Recurring donations are vital to a nonprofit’s long-term success.

If you are transitioning from any existing Stripe account or platform that uses Stripe we offer a free automated migration service.

If you are switching from a payment processor other than Stripe, you will need to ask your donors to start a new recurring donation via Givebutter. To help make that ask, you can use the template below.

Sample Email

Dear [Contact First Name],

Thank you for your ongoing support to [organization]. Because of you, we are able to continue [impact statement].

To provide a more modern and donor-friendly giving experience, we are switching our online donation platform to Givebutter. Givebutter is free for our organization to use, helping your donation go further! We are asking for your continued support. You currently donate to us monthly on another platform -- this donation will soon be canceled when our subscription ends as we are unable to transfer current giving plans. To keep donating to [organization], we are asking you to set up a new monthly gift on our new page [link].

Monthly donations are vital to our work, and we are humbled you have chosen to support us. Our gratitude for your continued support cannot be overstated; thank you in advance for your ongoing support as we make this transition!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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