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How to configure bidder notifications for auctions
How to configure bidder notifications for auctions

Use our automated email and SMS notifications to keep bidders engaged and invested, and see examples of notifications sent

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Keep your bidders engaged with automatic reminders via email and SMS! There are a couple different types of notifications that can be sent out to registered bidders, including those that are sent out automatically, and those that you can configure if you like. You can also take a look at some example notifications that bidders receive!

Notifications all bidders receive automatically 🔔

These notifications are sent after the triggering event, and cannot be edited:

  • Registered Bidder (email only) – Notification that a bidder has registered to bid in the auction, with a link to the auction page, and a reminder of the start time.

  • Highest Bidder (email only) – Notification that a bidder is the current highest bidder on an item.

  • Reserve Price Not Met (email only) – Notification that the reserve price has not been met on an auction item. Sent each time a bid below the reserve price is placed, within 24 hours of the auction end time.

  • Outbid (email and SMS) – Notification that a bidder has been outbid on an item, including a link to increase their bid.

  • Second Chance (email and SMS) – Notification that an item a bidder has bid on is available on a second chance offer, with 72 hours to complete their purchase.

  • Item Won (email and SMS) – Notification that a bidder has won an item, including instructions to check their email for more winning information.

    • Via Auto-Pay – Will include a link to their receipt.

    • Via Payment Request – Will include a link to complete payment, and a subsequent receipt will be emailed when payment is completed.

  • Item Extended (SMS only) – Bidders will receive an SMS notification if an item they bid on (but did not win) is extended.

Notifications you can toggle on or off 💡

These notifications can be turned on or off in your Givebutter dashboard:

  • Auction Starting Soon (Email and SMS) – Sends a notification reminding bidders 15 minutes before the start time of the auction.

  • Auction End (Email and SMS) – Sends a notification reminding bidders 15 minutes before the end time of the auction.

  • Payment Reminder (Email and SMS) – Sends a payment reminder (up to 3 times) every 2, 3, or 7 days to collect funds for outstanding invoices.

Editing bidder notification settings ⚙️

To edit notifications, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the name of your campaign in the left-hand menu bar.

  • Click on the Auction tab.

  • Click on Notifications.

  • Toggle the notifications you'd like to edit to the on or off position.

  • Select the frequency to send reminders for Outstanding Invoices, if activated. These notifications will send three times if activated, at the frequency interval you've set.

  • Click Save.

Other auction-related notifications are not editable at this time.

Example bidder notifications 👀

Expand an option below to view example notifications that bidders will receive, including both SMS and email notifications.

Automatic notifications

Registered Bidder (email only)

Subject: "You're registered to bid!"

registered to bid

Highest Bidder (email only)

Subject: "You're currently the highest bidder for {item name}"

highest bidder

Reserve Price Not Met (email only)

Subject: "Don't let {item name} get away!"

reserve price

Outbid (email and SMS)

Subject: "You were outbid. Increase your bid for {item name}!"

Second Chance (email and SMS)

Subject: "We're excited to offer you a second chance at {item name}!"

Item Won – Auto-Charge off (email and SMS)

Subject: "Congratulations on winning {item name} at {organization name}'s auction!"

Item Won – Auto-Charge on (email and SMS)

Subject: "Congratulations on winning {item name} at {organization name}'s auction!"

Payment Receipt (email only)


Item Extended (SMS only)

item extended

Configurable notifications

Auction Starting Soon (email and SMS)

starting soon

Auction Ending Soon (email and SMS)

Subject: "Don't wait to get your bids in!"

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