Keep your bidders engaged with automatic reminders via email and SMS messages

Notifications you can toggle on or off:

  • Auction Start - sends 15 minutes before the start time

  • Auction End - sends 15 minutes before the end time

  • Outstanding Invoices - send a payment reminder (up to 3 times) every 2, 3, or 7 days

How to edit your bidder notification settings:

  1. Click on the name of your campaign in the left-hand menu bar.

  2. Click on the Auction tab.

  3. Click on Notifications.

  4. Toggle on the notifications you'd like to activate.

  5. Select the frequency to send reminders for Outstanding Invoices, if activated. These notifications will send three times if activated, at the frequency interval you've set.

  6. Click Save.

Notifications all bidders receive automatically

These notifications are sent via email and text immediately after the triggering event.

  • Outbid

  • Highest bidder

  • Item won

Example notifications:

Text notifications

sample text notifications

Registration confirmation

you're registered to bid

Auction starts soon Bidding starts soon

Sent 15 minutes before Sent 15 minutes before a favorited
the auction starts item is open for bidding

auction start notification

Auction ends soon Bidding ends soon

Sent 15 minutes before Sent 15 minutes before a favorited
the auction closes or outbid item will close for bidding

highest bidder notification

Highest Bidder

highest bidder email


outbid email

Item won with auto-payment

autopayment winner

Item won with payment request

payment request

Payment receipt

payment receipt

What bidders see after they win an auction item

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