There are lots of reasons a bidder may want to be made anonymous. 🕵️

Maybe they are trying to win an item as a surprise for a loved one, maybe they're shy, or maybe they're trying to avoid a bidding war with their in-laws! Whatever the reason, you can anonymize (or reveal) a bidder's name by following these steps.

How to make a bidder anonymous:

  1. Click on the name of your Campaign in the left-hand menu bar.

  2. Click on the AUCTION tab.

  3. Click on BIDDERS.

  4. Click the three dots [...] to the right of the bidder's status.

  5. Select "Anonymize."

    an arrow points to three dots

  6. Click ANONYMIZE on the confirmation screen.

To make a bidder's name public, follow the same steps, but select "Reveal" instead.

screenshot of anonymized and revealed bidder names

👉 FYI: Items listed as BUY NOW do not require the purchaser to register as a bidder for your Auction. At this time, their names cannot be made anonymous.

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