We hope it never happens, but if you need to ban a bidder, this is how to do it (or undo it!)

How to ban a bidder:

  1. Click on the name of your Campaign in the left-hand menu bar.

  2. Click on the AUCTION tab.

  3. Click on BIDDERS in the menu on the left side.

  4. Click the three dots [...] to the right of the bidder's status.

  5. Select "Ban."

    an arrow points to three dots

  6. Confirm by clicking the BAN button.

ban confirmation screen

To unban a bidder, follow the same steps, but choose UNBAN instead.

an arrow points to unban
unban confirmation screen


What happens to the item(s) the banned bidder was bidding on or won?

All bids associated with this bidder will be forfeited and passed to the next highest bidder.

Does the banned bidder get a notification?

Not at this time.

Can the banned bidder register for other auctions?

No, this bidder will not be able to use this profile to register for other auctions.

What if I unban someone?

They will be allowed to place bids again, but their previous bids are still forfeit.

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