Not all items have to be available to bid on immediately at the launch of your Auction. 👀

Create some extra anticipation for those high-ticket items by delaying their bidding start time until part way through your Auction, or push your bidders into a buying frenzy by making the end date earlier than the rest of your auction items.

You can set custom start and end dates and times for items when you first create them or you can edit an existing item. 🕑

  1. From inside your Campaign, click on the AUCTION tab.

  2. Click ITEMS in the menu on the left side.

  3. Click the three dots [...] next to the item you want to edit.

  4. Choose EDIT.

    arrows point to steps one through four

  5. Switch the toggle on, and set the custom bidding dates and times for this specific Item.

    an arrow point to the custom bidding date & time toggle

  6. Click SAVE.

👉 FYI: If you're trying to locate a specific item, you can use the Find command. Press "CTRL + F" (or "CMD + F" on a Mac) to open the Find field and enter the name of the item you are looking for.

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