What an Auction page looks like

Take a tour of Auctions on Givebutter!

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Raise more for your mission with Givebutter Auctions—the most requested new feature by the Givebutter community.

What an Auction page looks like 🧑‍💻

With Givebutter Auctions, your supporters can easily browse your Auction to find the perfect Items to bid on. They can search, filter and sort Items on this page. (Once registered to bid, supporters will also see Items they've saved or bid on, as well as a link to edit their settings.)

screenshot of auction page

What an Auction Item looks like 🎁

The Auction Item page displays all the details about your Item, including images, description, pricing information, and bid history of the Item. If the donor hasn't registered to bid yet, they'll be prompted to register. If the donor has registered, they'll be able to place a bid, or buy it at a fixed price, if you have one set.

screenshot of auction item

What the bidding screen looks like 💰

Once your supporters are ready to place a bid, clicking the "Place a Bid" button will display the bidding screen.

screenshot of bidding box

Auctions are also optimized for mobile, so your supporters can seamlessly participate on the go, or at live Events! 📱

screenshot of a Givebutter auction on a mobile device

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