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How to troubleshoot when your SEO settings are not updating
How to troubleshoot when your SEO settings are not updating
Have you recently changed your SEO settings for your Campaign, but they aren't reflecting on social media? You may need to debug the link!
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What are SEO settings?

When configuring a Donation Form, Fundraising Page, or Event you have the option to set up your SEO settings. SEO information appears on Google searches and social media posts or comments.

Screenshot of a social media comment with an image and title preview
Screenshot showing a social media post with an image, title and description.
Screenshot showing a google search that displays the campaign title and description

You can update your SEO settings in the SHARING tab of your Campaign Manager.

I updated my SEO settings, but the changes aren't reflected in my social media posts.

Social media platforms will cache (save) images when they are shared (by anyone) or even when the URL is just loaded into a status draft. We're about to get a little technical here, so hold on to your chair. 😁

To update the information, you need to debug the campaign's URL. To debug, you need to enter the campaign's URL into a debugger page. Each social media platform has its own debugging page, (except Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and therefore uses the same for both).

Then, you need to scrape the URL until the new information appears. You may need to debug/scrape a few times before it populates the latest update.

Here is Facebook/Instagrams's Debugger:

Here is Linkedin's Debugger:

Here is Twitter's Debugger:

Follow the link above for whichever platform(s) you're trying to use right now.

Enter the campaign URL in the URL box on those pages, and click "Debug/Preview". Continue to scrape/debug until your new information appears in the debugger.

Keep in mind that these websites will scrape for new updates every once in a while, so it's not a guarantee you have to do this every time. However, when you are having an issue where the old information is populating, debugging is the way to go! This goes for any link you are sharing on Social Media, not just a Givebutter link. 😊

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