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How to sell digital downloads as auction items
How to sell digital downloads as auction items
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Digital downloads are a great way to round out your auction offerings. Some of the most popular items to offer as digital downloads include:

  • Digital artwork and photography

  • Music

  • Gift cards

  • Patterns

  • Tickets

  • eBooks

  • eCourses / online courses

To offer a digital download in your auction, first create a new auction item.

In the Fulfillment Details section, include a link to the online location of the digital download. Only the person who makes the winning bid and pays for the item will receive the fulfillment details message.

This information is not displayed publicly on the campaign page – only the winner will receive this information.

fulfillment information

Want to see a built-in option for digital downloads? Upvote the feature request for digital downloads to be notified if/when this feature goes live.

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