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Managing an Auction
How to manage auction item fulfillment
How to manage auction item fulfillment

Your bidder won the item they were after, now it's time to deliver!

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Keep track of who has received the Items they paid for in the Item Fulfillment tab. ✔

Once an item is won and paid for, a record will be created in the Item Fulfillment tab. Use this tool to mark Items fulfilled once they have been delivered, shipped, or picked up by the winner.

You can also easily see winner names and info, payment date, and even view the transaction in your dashboard! 👀

item fulfillment

Shipping information 📦

If you've sold an item that needs to be shipped, you'll need the winner's address to get it sent out! To locate the shipping address entered by the winner:

  • On the Auction tab in your campaign manager, click Item Fulfillment in the sub-menu on the left side of the page.

  • Click the dropdown arrow (V) on the left side of the relevant item, and a panel will open displaying the details of this auction item sale. Shipping information is shown in the lower right of this panel.

shipping address for an auction item


When do I receive the auction item I won?

Givebutter is the platform that the auction is hosted on, however Givebutter does not directly manage item fulfillment on behalf of the organization running the auction. You'll need to contact the organization operating the auction for more information about shipping, any items you've purchased, or delivery estimates.

Can I export Item Fulfillment data from this page?

Not yet – we hope to add this feature soon!

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