Note: If you don't see the "Update info" notice shown in Step 3 below, your information is up-to-date and no additional action is required.

What is Stripe?

Millions of companies, including Givebutter, use Stripe’s PCI-compliant software to securely accept payments and send payouts. Givebutter uses Stripe to securely process donations and ticket purchases on behalf of our customers and to transfer the funds customers raise using Givebutter to their bank accounts. Customers create a Stripe Express account when they link their bank account to Givebutter to receive payouts.

I received an email from Stripe asking me to update my information. Is this a legitimate email?

An email from [email protected] with the subject "[Action Required] Stripe still needs more information to continue receiving payments from Givebutter" is a legitimate email that you should take action on.

Why do I need to provide Stripe with my SSN/EIN and address?

Due to new IRS requirements, all Givebutter customers must update their tax id (EIN or SSN) with Stripe for tax purposes. This additional identity verification also helps Stripe protect against fraud and stay current with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

I am a Nonprofit or business, but Stripe is asking for my SSN. What should I do?

Some customers may have inadvertently been classified as Individual entities instead of Nonprofit entities in Stripe's system, prompting them for their SSN. Givebutter worked with Stripe to perform a one-time migration to the appropriate entity type within Stripe on Friday, November 18, 2022.

If you are a Nonprofit or Business and still see that an SSN is required by Stripe when you log in to your Stripe Express dashboard, please reach out to Stripe Support to request that your Stripe entity type be changed from Individual to Nonprofit or Business, whichever applies in your situation (see sample email below that you can copy, paste, and send).

Sample email

Dear Stripe Support,

Our Stripe Express account, account ID [replace with your account ID] is
incorrectly classified as an Individual entity.
Please reclassify us as a [choose one: Nonprofit/Business] entity
so we can complete our information verification before the deadline.


Update your information on Stripe by following these steps:

  1. Click UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION in the email sent to you:

2. Log into your Stripe Express dashboard and if necessary, enter the 6-digit code sent to your mobile phone on file with Stripe

Note: You must use the email associated with your Stripe Express account to log in. Alternatively, you can access Stripe Express by logging into your Givebutter dashboard, going to the PAYOUTS tab, and selecting EDIT & MANAGE.

3. Once logged in, select UPDATE INFO at the top of your Stripe dashboard

Note: If you don't see the "Update info" notice shown above, your information is up-to-date and no additional action is required.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the next page and select INFORMATION NEEDED under Professional details

5. On the next page, select UPDATE where it says "Missing required information"

6. Enter any missing information, such as SSN/EIN and address, and then click SUBMIT

And you're done! 🥳

Still need help?

Our Givebutter Support Team does not have access to customers' Stripe Express dashboards. If you experience any issues updating your information, please reach out to Stripe Support for help.

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