Common solutions💡

  • Make sure your card reader is charged. (You should see 2+ green lights on the device to indicate this.)

  • Ensure your mobile device's Bluetooth is switched on, and allow Givebutter permission to access Bluetooth on your device. You'll find this under your mobile device's Settings > Givebutter.

  • Let the card reader try to connect for at least 30 minutes without interfering with your phone or card reader. It may need to update firmware the first time you connect – this can take some time.

  • Double-check that you have an address entered for your account. This cannot be done on the app — this must be added on the mobile or desktop site by clicking on Account, then About, and lastly on Address.

Other options

  • Logout of the app, log back in, and try again.

  • Remove any existing pairings with the reader in device settings (if they show up).

  • Turn the card reader off, wait one minute, and turn it on again.

  • Reset the reader. Use a paperclip to reset the device using the reset button (which looks like a pinhole) located at the back of the reader, near the USB port. Wait a couple of minutes and attempt to power on the reader again.

  • Make sure you've connected the card reader through the app, not directly through Bluetooth. If you're not sure, unpair the reader and repair it from inside the app.

If all else fails, and you continue to receive the same error, please uninstall/reinstall the app and do a hard reboot of your phone. In some cases, the initial connection can take longer. After trying all of these suggestions please wait 10 minutes on the connecting page.

If you need additional assistance, please reach out to support during regular business hours.

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