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Beta Feature: New Donation Forms
Beta Feature: New Donation Forms

Try our newest release of Donation Forms, including updated designs, a streamlined checkout process, and payment option improvements.

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Details of this release 🔍

Donation Forms are getting an upgrade! We plan on rolling these updates out to other types of campaigns in the near future. This update currently applies to:

  • Landing Pages and Giving Hubs

  • Forms embedded on your external site using Widgets

  • Form campaigns at links

Design updates to improve overall structure and appearance 🎨

  • A larger logo area at the top of the page lets you show off your logo and brand with more prominence.

  • Campaign details and goal bar now appear in a new section, separate from the checkout options. Forms now support cover photos!

updated donation form
  • The goal bar now has an enhanced design and includes a raised counter and bar fill animation. The goal bar now updates in real-time.

goal bar realtime
  • The organization’s contact email address can now be displayed on the Form (if one is set under Account > About > Organizational Profile > Social Accounts).

  • The mobile design layout has been improved to better accommodate small devices.

Updates to the donation flow and checkout 💰

The donation flow has received as significant update both aesthetically and under the hood, with a focus on accessibility, robustness, and UX.

  • Button and element sizing has been improved to focus on speed and clarity, leading to improved conversion and faster checkout times.

  • Theme colors have been optimized across the flow, using smart “light” and “dark” variants of your theme color to accent buttons.

  • Confirmation screen updates – the Givebutter newsletter signup has been removed per this feature request, and the design of the share buttons has been improved.

  • Dynamically-suggested donation amounts will populate based on the frequency selected by the donor. Admins are welcome to customize the default by setting their own donation amounts in the dashboard.

  • Donors can now specify if a contribution is on behalf of a company using the new “Company” field on the checkout screen. The new field has been added to exports and the transaction sidebar.

company name field

Payment methods 💳

The payment method component has been re-built from scratch to be more robust. Each payment method flow has been refined to optimize for clarity and speed of check out.

  • PayPal now uses the native PayPal button, improving reliability. Contact and billing information will be automatically synced from the donor's PayPal account, leading to faster check out.

native paypal button
  • The checkout process for Venmo, ACH, and DAF has been rearranged for clarity and higher conversion. Donors now enter their billing information first, and then connect their accounts, after which their payment is processed right away.

venmo update
  • There is no longer a $100 minimum for ACH donations, per this feature request.

  • Check (if disabled) and cash options will no longer display in the checkout flow. Admins looking to enter cash donations should use the updated experience in the dashboard.

The option to pay by check will still display in the public checkout flow if it has been enabled in the campaign's Tools tab.

  • When submitting a check, donors have the option to input a check number to assist in recognizing their check when it arrives. Check mailing instructions are now required to enable the check payment method on the donation form.

check number
  • Billing address input for credit card now uses Google autofill for faster check out.

billing address

Enable Early Access Beta ⚡️

To access beta features like this one, you need to enable them first!

  • In the menu on your Givebutter dashboard, click on Account, then click About.

  • Click on Organization Profile, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Under Beta Access, enable the toggle.

You can opt out of our Beta program any time in your dashboard.

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