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How to enable the recurring plan upsell feature
How to enable the recurring plan upsell feature

Raise more with your Givebutter campaign by converting one-time donors into recurring monthly supporters.

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Make it easier for your organization to convert one-time donors into monthly supporters! The recurring donation upsell option appears after a donor selects a one-time donation and prompts them to consider becoming a monthly donor. View a demo campaign with the upsell feature enabled โ†’

Both recurring plans and the upsell option must be enabled before the upsell prompt will appear in your campaign checkout process.

How it works ๐Ÿ‘€

When a donor selects a one-time donation of $250 or less, they will be prompted to become a monthly supporter on the next step in the checkout.

The recurring amount suggested is based on their original one-time donation amount, divided by five, and rounded up to the nearest $5 increment. For example, if a donor selects a one-time donation of $100, they are prompted to donate $20 per month.

Why is the plan less than the original amount selected? Recurring plans offer a consistent stream of funds, and a lower (but more frequent) amount can be more attractive to donors. Most recurring donors will donate more funds overall than a one-time donor.

When one-time donors are converted into recurring supporters, it's easy to identify upsold donations in your dashboard. An icon in the transaction sidebar indicates when a recurring plan results from the upsell prompt.

upsold donation

Enabling the upsell option โš™๏ธ

  • Go to your Account page, linked in the left-hand sidebar menu, and click Settings.

  • Under General, enable the option for One-time to recurring donation offer.

  • The upsell screen will be displayed in your campaign's checkout process for one-time donations of $250 or less.

FAQ ๐Ÿค”

Can I enable or disable the upsell option per campaign? Can I turn it off for a specific campaign?

Not at this time โ€“ย this is an account-wide setting currently. Please see the feature request for the ability to enable or disable the upsell option per campaign, and add a vote if this is an option you'd like to see in the future!

I enabled the upsell option, but it's not appearing on my campaign.

Ensure you've also enabled recurring plans โ€“ย the upsell option will not appear if recurring donations are disabled on your account. If recurring plans are enabled, double-check that you're selecting a one-time donation of $250 or less. The upsell screen will not be displayed for donations over $250.

Can I customize the $250 threshold or the amounts of the suggested plans?

Not at this time โ€“ย the upsell logic is not customizable currently.

Is it possible to use the upsell feature for Page or Event campaigns?

Not at this time. This feature is only available on Form campaigns at the moment.

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