How to set total Event capacity

Set a limit on the total number of tickets available across all ticket types.

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This feature is not yet self-service. If you'd like to add a capacity for your Event campaign, please contact the Support Team! We'd be happy to assist.

Oftentimes, when running a fundraising event, you have a limit on the number of tickets you can sell in total. In addition to being able to set minimums or maximums on tickets per order, as well as custom quantities on a per-ticket basis, you can now set an overall capacity limit on tickets sold.


You are hosting your annual Gala at a venue with 200 available seats. You know 50 of those will be dedicated to VIP Tables, but the rest can be any combination of General Admission or Premium.

  • Set a maximum quantity of 50 available tickets for VIP Table tickets.

  • Set an event capacity limit of 200, so that no more than 200 tickets can be sold overall.

  • The capacity is enforced across all ticket types and will show "x available" accordingly for each type.

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