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How to create and edit tickets
How to create and edit tickets

Customize and edit your tickets via the campaign manager in your dashboard

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If you are running an Event campaign, you can sell unlimited tickets on a single campaign, including entry tickets (ie. general admission, VIP), as well as raffle tickets, or items for sale! These are highly customizable, and can even include images.

Looking for information on managing tickets you've already sold? Click here!

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Create tickets ➕

  • Select your Event campaign and navigate to the Event tab. (If you aren't seeing the Event tab, try switching your campaign type to Event.)

  • Select the Tickets tab on the left-hand side.

  • Select Add Ticket Type to create a new ticket.

  • A sidebar will appear where you can enter or edit the details of the ticket including the following customization options:

    • Ticket name – this will be shown in the checkout flow

    • Description – additional information to be displayed under the ticket name and price, which can include images, or other custom HTML formatting

    • Ticket type – this option will only display if you are hosting a Hybrid Event and wish to differentiate between In Person or Digital tickets

    • Price – price of the ticket, or tick the checkbox if this is a free ticket

    • Total quantity - number of these tickets you have available, or tick the checkbox if you don't want to limit the quantity

  • Click Save when you're done!

Sort and search tickets 🔎

If you have many types of tickets on a single campaign, you may find it easier to manage your tickets by searching for tickets in the search bar, or by sorting them! Click on the headings for Name, Quantity, or Price to sort your tickets.

Edit tickets ✏️

If you want to edit your existing tickets, click the three dots [...] next to a ticket, then click Edit.

You can make changes at any time, but they will not retroactively apply to tickets that have already sold. You'll also see the option to toggle the ticket's Available for purchase status on and off.

  • Available for purchase toggled on: Ticket is included in the checkout flow and can be purchased.

  • Available for purchase toggled off: Ticket is not included in the checkout flow and cannot be purchased. Any previously-purchased tickets will not be affected.

Organize or reorder tickets 🔄

You can change the display order of tickets as they appear the checkout flow on your campaign! Click Actions, then select Organize.

A sidebar will open on the righthand side of the page, including a list of your tickets. Drag and drop them to rearrange them, and make sure to Save when you're done.

Delete tickets ❌

If you want to delete a ticket, click the three dots [...] next to the relevant ticket, and click Delete.

You are only able to delete a ticket that has never sold. If clicking the trash can icon does not work, this is because at least one of the tickets has sold. To remove it from the checkout flow, toggle it to inactive instead.

Ticket FAQ 🤔

Can I schedule start or end dates for ticket sales?

No, this isn't currently possible. If you would like ticket sales to start or end at a particular time, you will need to change the status manually (active vs. inactive) Please add a vote to our feature request for this option!

I'm only selling tickets. Can you remove the optional donation slide from the checkout?

Yes! Please contact our team, and we'd be happy to disable the optional donation slide on your campaign. Please note that this will turn your campaign into a tickets-only campaign.

Can you set a total quantity / capacity for an entire event?

Yes! This is done by special request. Please contact our team with the total number of tickets you would like to be able to sell, across all tickets, and we'd be happy to manually set that for you.

Why do donors need to enter their contact info twice when buying tickets?

This is because the billing information and the information of the ticket holder often differ, and this allows donors to purchase tickets on behalf of others, and send them directly to the guest's email address. Unfortunately this cannot be disabled at this time.

Can promo codes be used with tickets?

Yes! Offer a percentage or fixed discount amount on your tickets by creating a promo code in your campaign manager.

How do I give free tickets as part of sponsor packages?

You'll want to create an internal promo code for a 100% discount. Once someone pays for a sponsor package, you'll create an offline transaction for them. In that transaction, you'll have them "purchase" the number of tickets they are getting for free with their sponsorship and make sure to apply the 100% discount promo code. This will generate digital tickets in our system at zero cost. Make sure you have the correct contact email for the sponsor, as digital tickets are sent via email.

Can I keep accepting donations but stop selling tickets?

Yes! Under the Event tab and the Ticket menu, click the three dots next to the relevant ticket, then click Edit. In the sidebar, change toggle the Available for purchase status to the off position. Remember to Save!

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