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How to add and manage offline transactions
How to add and manage offline transactions

You can process offline transactions, also known as manual donations, from the Transactions page in your dashboard.

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Offline transactions are check or cash payments manually added (one at a time) to your account to keep track of donations you receive offline. Admins and editors can log offline transactions from contacts (new or existing) and credit them to a specific campaign right from the Transactions page in the dashboard. You can backdate offline transactions to the date the payment was received.

Offline donations must be added one by one. If you're adding multiple offline donations, we'd recommend you import them instead!

Add an offline transaction ✚

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the Transactions page in the left-hand sidebar.

transactions page
  • Click the blue New transaction button in the top right corner of the page, and a sidebar will appear. You'll be prompted to make selections for this transaction:

    • Campaign – Select which campaign this transaction is towards. Offline transactions are counted towards the total amount raised on your public campaign page.

    • Contact – Select the contact for this transaction, or create a new contact.

    • Amount – Enter the amount of the offline transaction.

    • Donation date – Enter the date of the transaction. Offline transactions can be backdated, but the date entered cannot be in the future.

    • Payment method – Select if this transaction was via cash or check. If check is selected, you'll be able to enter a Deposit date and Check number as well.

    • Fund (optional) – Select a fund to put this transaction towards.

    • Message (optional) – Enter a message for this transaction. This message will appear in the supporter feed if the campaign is active.

  • You will also be given the option to configure a few options for this transaction.

    • Send a receipt – Check this box if you would like an automatic receipt emailed to the contact listed for this transaction after saving. (defaults to off setting)

    • Do not display name publicly – Check this box to hide the contact’s name on the public-facing campaign page.

    • Do not display amount publicly – Check this box to hide the transaction amount on the public-facing campaign page.

  • When you're done, click Save or Save and add another.

Offline transactions will appear on your Transactions page, just like any other transaction, with "Check" or "Cash" shown as the payment method. They will also be added to your campaign goal (if you have one), and team/team member totals (as applicable).

Add directly to a contact 👤

You can also ad offline transactions directly from the page of a specific contact.

  • Click the Actions menu in the upper right corner, and select Add transaction.

  • The same sidebar will appear on the right side of the screen, where you'll be prompted to fill out the relevant transaction information.

add transaction

Delete an offline transaction ❌

You can delete offline transactions from the Transactions page in your dashboard. This is because offline transactions do not involve processing any funds, so instead of refunding them (which isn't possible), you can remove them entirely.

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the Transactions page in the left-hand sidebar.

  • Search for and select the offline donation that you want to delete by clicking on the transaction – click on the white space next to the entry, not on their name! A sidebar will pop up on the right side of the page.

  • Click the [...] button, located below the donor's information in the section at the top.

  • Click Delete, and the process is complete!

If an offline transaction involving tickets is deleted, the tickets sold count will be updated. For example, if an offline transaction for 2 tickets is deleted, 2 will be removed from the sold count for that type of ticket, making 2 tickets available for purchase.

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