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How to use contact custom fields
How to use contact custom fields

Keep track of custom contact information by adding unique fields to your contact entry form.

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Does your organization regularly gather unique pieces of information about your donors? Add contact custom fields to make sure every detail is recorded! Contact custom fields can currently be applied by manually adding contacts, importing contacts, or by re-importing your contacts to update your existing records.

Contact custom fields will not yet show in the donation checkout flow for donors to fill out themselves. This feature will be released soon!

Contact custom fields come in a variety of formats, including:

  1. Text – Text input of either short answers or paragraph style.

  2. Number – Numeric value, as a whole number or a percentage.

  3. Date – Select a single date, or a date range.

  4. Toggle – Yes / no toggle, with the ability to set a default.

  5. Option – Multiple choice list, which can be restricted to one choice, or allow multiple selections.

contact custom field examples

Create new fields ➕

  • In your dashboard, head to the Contacts page.

  • Click on the Actions menu, located in the upper right, and choose Custom Fields.

actions, custom fields
  • Click the blue New field button.

  • Choose the type of custom field you want to create.

new custom field
  • Fill in your details and choose whether this field should appear when entering a new contact.

  • Click Create.

success message

Edit or archive fields ⚙️

  • Go to the Contacts page.

  • Click on the Actions menu, located in the upper right, and choose Custom Fields.

  • Click the three dots [...] next to the custom field you want to edit or archive.

  • Choose Edit or Archive.

edit or archive contact custom fields

Apply custom fields ✏️

Now that you've created your contact custom fields, you'll need to apply them to your contacts – this involves picking a method for adding information to your contacts, whether you are adding new contacts, or want to add custom information to your existing contact base.

Manually add contacts

You can add custom field information one-by-one as you add new contacts manually on your Contacts page. Contact custom fields will appear at the bottom of the new contact form for you to fill out.

New contact imports

Make sure you've created all the contact custom fields you want to use, then follow our guide on importing contacts! Your new contacts will be imported with contact custom fields included.

Existing contacts

If you have an existing contact base in your account, you can retroactively add custom field information without duplicating your contacts. You'll need to:

Worried about duplicates? As long as you don't alter the contact information in the spreadsheet (first and last name, plus email or phone number), no duplicates will be created – our system is able to identify that these are already existing contacts.

Filter by custom field 🧮

When contact custom fields are applied to your contacts, you can filter and segment your contacts to easily access your organized data. You can use segments with contact custom fields to save mailing lists for use in Engage. To filter your contacts by custom field:

  • Go to your Contacts page, and click the blue Filter button.

  • Click on the Custom Fields option on the left side of the Filter menu, and click the checkbox for any custom field answers you would like to filter by. Filtering options will vary based on the type of contact custom field.

    • Text fields: Includes or excludes

    • Number fields: Greater than, less than, or equal to

    • Date fields: Includes or excludes date selection

    • Toggle fields: yes or no

    • Option fields: All, Any, or None of available options

  • Click Apply Filters when you're done.

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