How to use contact events

Track supporter interactions by logging contact events such as emails and phone calls or adding notes

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When you connect with a supporter outside of Givebutter, you can manually log the event or add a note to their contact profile. This is useful if you've had a phone call, sent emails, or just want to manually add some information about a specific contact.

Additionally, whenever a contact interacts with your Givebutter account, that information will automatically be added to their timeline. This includes Engage emails and SMS, BCC'd or forwarded emails, recurring donations, imports, and ticket purchases!

Manually log an event to a contact βž•

search bar
  • Click on the contact.

  • Click the blue plus button on the right-hand side of the page.

an arrow points to the blue plus button
  • Select the type of event you'd like to add to this contact's timeline. The choices are Note, Email, and Phone Call.

  • Fill in the details, including the date, subject line, and notes of the correspondence.

  • Click Add Event when you're done, and it'll be added to this contact's file.

example note

Managing contact events πŸ“

Contact events can be viewed, edited, or deleted, depending on the kind of event. Manually added events can be edited or removed. Events that were automatically created (ie. the contact made a donation, or an email was sent via Engage) cannot be edited or removed.

View a contact event πŸ‘€

Select the arrow icon to the right of the event to expand the event and view the details.

view an event

Edit or delete a manually-added event βš™οΈ

Only manually entered events can be edited or deleted.

  • To edit or delete a manually-created contact event, click the three dots [...] on the left side of the event.

  • Click the Edit or Delete buttons to make changes or remove it. If there are no action buttons aside from a text box for adding a note, this event is not editable because it was not added manually.

edit or delete

Reassign a manually-added event πŸ”„

If an event was incorrectly added to a contact, you can move it to a different contact. Click the three dots [...] to the right side of the event and click Edit contact. Search for a different contact in the popup box, and reassign the event to a different contact.

incorrect contact assignment example

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