How to use contact tags

Tags are a powerful, lightweight way to organize your contacts in Givebutter.

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About tags #️⃣

Think of tags as labels for your contacts that help you stay organized. Tags are a great way to create segments for targeted donor engagement – label or categorize your donors based on the information you have about them.

tags example

Using + managing tags 📒

Tags are completely customizable, so you can use them however you'd like. Depending on how many tags you plan to use, you can either create a comprehensive tagging structure to organize all your donors, or you might just need a few tags as a lightweight way to identify some key contacts. Either way, the function of these tags gives you the flexibility to design a system that works for your account.

You can create, edit/rename, delete, and merge tags all in the tag management page.

  • From the contacts tab, click on Actions in the upper right corner.

  • Select Manage tags from the dropdown menu.

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  • On the next screen, create a new tag by clicking the blue New tag button.

  • To edit, delete, or merge existing tags, click on the three dots [...] next to the tag you want to work on.

    • Merge tag – Merge multiple tags together, and choose a new name.

    • Edit name – Edit the name of a tag.

    • Delete – Remove a tag from your tag manager and all applicable contacts.

add or edit tag

Tagging an individual contact ➕

You can create a new tag to apply to a specific contact from their contact page. You can also search and apply existing tags, or remove them from specific contacts. You can add as many tags as you want to a contact.

  • Go to the Contacts page and click on the contact you'd like to add a tag to.

  • On the left side of the contact page, locate the Tags section, click Add Tag.

add tag
  • To apply a previously-created tag – Use the search bar to search existing tags and click on the tag you want to add.

  • To apply a new tag – Type the tag you want to create and click Create or hit Enter on your keyboard.

add tag

If you create a new tag from a contact's page, the new tag will appear on your tag management page.

  • To remove a tag – Search for the tag, and uncheck the box next to it to remove it.

uncheck box

Tag multiple contacts 👯‍♂️

You can select multiple contacts if you'd like to add tags, remove tags, or create a new tag to apply to the group.

  • Click Contacts in the left-hand menu bar.

  • Search (or apply a filter) for the contacts you want to tag.

  • Select the contacts for which you want to add or remove a tag.

  • Click the Actions button near the Contacts page title, not the one on the right side.

  • Choose Add Tags or Remove Tags.

  • Start typing into the search field to search existing tags, and click on the tag you want to add.

    • For a new tag, type the tag you want to create and press Enter to create it.

    • You can add as many tags as you want to contacts.

add tags

Filter contacts by tags 🔎

After you've added tags to contacts, you can filter your contacts by them.

  • Click Contacts in the left-hand menu bar.

  • Click the blue Filter button.

  • In the left side panel of the Filter menu, select Contact.

  • Select Tags in the right side panel.

  • Choose how you want the filter to be applied.

    • All – will show contacts that only have all of the tags you have selected

    • Any – displays contacts with any of the tags you have selected

    • None – displays contacts who don't have any of the tags you have selected

  • Search for a tag to filter by. To filter by more than one tag, choose additional tags.

    • Click the X icon next to a tag to remove it from your filter.

  • Click Apply filter.

You can also add additional filters in the Filter menu to create targeted Segments. Segments are saved filter groups of contacts that you plan to use more than once.

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