You can easily toggle an existing Campaign type between the features of Collect, Fundraise, or Events at any time (learn more about the differences here).

Note: Before reading this guide, if you haven't yet, we recommend creating a campaign first. 

Making the switch

Navigate to your Dashboard and select the existing Campaign you’d like to change the type of. Click the {Settings] tab and select the [Campaign type] drop-down option.

Don’t forget to press [Save]!

What happens to my Campaign Story or Tickets?

We know you spend a lot of time designing your Campaign(s) and are probably wondering what happens to the hard work you put into the Story and Ticket details when you switch between the Campaign types. The answer is that information is simply hidden from the public and will no longer appear in your Dashboard, if you switch the Campaign type back the applicable details will reappear. 

What's next?

Check out how to customize your campaign link (URL).


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