When you create a Campaign, one of the settings is your theme color. This is a great place to use your organization's color scheme to reinforce your brand identity.

How to change your theme color ๐ŸŽจ

To change your theme color, head to your Campaign on your Givebutter Dashboard. In the tabs under the Campaign title, select "Details". Under "Main Details", you'll see "Theme Color".

screenshot of the main details section

Selecting a Theme Color at the Campaign level will overrule the color set under your Account Branding. If you don't set a theme color for your Campaign, the color will be taken from the Theme Color selected in your Account Branding. You can change the color set at the Account level by heading to Account > About > Branding > Theme Colors.

Best practices when changing your theme color

  • Choose a medium or dark color when possible, since button text will appear in white on your Campaign. Light colors result in low contrast, and can be difficult for donors to read.

comparison of high and low contrast color choices
  • If you want to use a custom color for your theme color, you'll need to input a hex code in the area shown in the above screenshot as "000000". A hex code is a type of six-digit color code, made up of numbers and letters, beginning in #. If you don't have a hex code handy, use an online color picker to choose a custom color!

screenshot of a custom color selection

Where does the theme color appear on Form Campaigns?

The theme color makes up most of the design for Form Campaigns. This includes the background, as well as the buttons on the Form.

screenshot of a Form campaign

Where does the theme color appear on Page + Event Campaigns?

In this Event campaign example, the theme color will apply to:

  • The Donate button

  • The Goal Bar (if you have one displayed)

  • The buttons and lettering in the checkout process

arrows pointing to the goal bar and donate button
screenshot with arrow pointing to a donate button


Can I change the color of just certain parts of my Campaign?

No. Currently, the Theme Color will apply to all elements of the Campaign.

My Donate button is missing text, or my Donate button is white!

If your Donate button is appearing as white, or looks like it's missing text, it could be that the color for your Campaign has been set to white! Check the Campaign settings listed above. If this is left blank, you'll need to check your Account's Theme Color.

Where can I change the color of the text in the Story section?

To change the color of text in your Story section, you'll do this directly in the text composer itself. Head to the Campaign's Details tab, then scroll down to the Story section. Highlight the text you'd like to change, and click the Text Color icon in the composer.

screenshot showing the text color option in the Story section

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