How to customize a campaign URL

You're able to customize your campaign URL at any time.

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Why change a URL? 🀷

By default, campaign links include a random series of letters and numbers. We recommend customizing the URL your Givebutter campaign for two key reasons:

  1. Donors will feel more comfortable clicking on a link and donating when it looks more familiar/recognizable to them.

  2. Having a legible URL has been proven to improve rankings in search engines, meaning your link is more likely to appear higher in Google searches.

Editing a campaign URL ✍️

To edit the link to your campaign, follow the steps in the video below, or read on for step-by-step instructions!

  • Navigate to your Givebutter dashboard.

  • Select your campaign from the recent campaign list in the left-hand side panel menu.

    • If you don't see it there, you can click All Campaigns to get the full list.

select campaign
  • Click on the Sharing tab and locate the General section at the top.

  • Under Custom Campaign Link, delete the slug (the last/editable part of the URL), type your desired slug, and Save!

sharing tab
  • Click Confirm in the pop-up window.

Changing a URL will break any previous links, including team member invite links. If you have already shared or posted a link to your campaign, please make sure to update the posts with the new links.

If you change the URL/slug, only the QR code will remain the same.

FAQ πŸ€”

Can I change the "" part of the URL? Do you support custom domains?

Currently, we only allow the editing of URL slugs (the end part of the URL), and you cannot customize the URL domain, which will always be "". However, you are always welcome to add a campaign to your own website! If you're interested in custom domains or subdomains, feel free to upvote that feature on our community board!

I'm getting an error message that my URL has already been taken.

All campaigns across Givebutter must have unique URLs. For example, "" is very generic and has already been used. To differentiate your campaign URL, we'd recommend adding an acronym specific to your organization (ie. SPCA), or the year (ie. 2023).

My custom URL has been taken, but it's very specific, or redirects to a 404 page!

It's possible that the URL was taken by your own profile when you set it up. If you're sure that no one else would have used the URL aside from yourself, you'll want to check what you used for your user profile. You can find this information under the "Fundraising URL" section as explained in the personal profile guide. Once you've amended your personal Fundraising URL, it'll free up the URL for use on your campaign.

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