How to manage your personal profile

Update your profile picture, email, name, team member campaign URL, recurring plans, and password from your user profile.

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Your User profile, called "My Profile", is your personal home page. Every user on Givebutter can be a member of unlimited accounts and a team member on unlimited campaigns. This is handy because you can easily create, manage, and switch between accounts and campaigns without having to set up multiple user profiles and passwords. 

Accessing your profile

If you are logged in, head to or click your icon in the top right corner of any Givebutter account or campaign, and select My Profile from the dropdown.

my profile screen

Update your profile

  • Upload lets you change your profile image.

  • The Pencil icon allows you to crop or rotate your profile image.

  • Edit Profile updates your email, display name, phone number, or team member URL.

  • Change Password lets you set a new password.

    Note: For profile pictures, we recommend using square images and keeping your file size under 1 MB. If you are experiencing issues, try cropping, resizing, and/or compressing it. 😊

edit profile screen
profile fields

Accounts you are in charge of

Easily access any account you are the Admin or Editor for in the My Accounts section. Just click on the account you want to view. You can even create a brand new account from this section by clicking on "New Account."

my accounts section

You can also access multiple accounts from within your Givebutter dashboard. Just click on the grey dropdown arrow in the top left corner. Then choose the account you'd like to switch to or even create a new account!

an arrow points to the dropdown

Fundraisers you have joined as a Team Member

Clicking on these will take you to the main fundraising page for campaigns you have joined as a team member. To find your individual fundraising page web address, click on your Team Member image on the main campaign page.

campaigns I'm fundraising for
team member images

Recurring Gifts & Payment History

Your active and canceled recurring gifts will show here. You can edit, cancel, or pause them by clicking on "Manage."

You can also view your payment history and receipts!

recurring gifts
payment history

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