Note: Team Fundraising on Givebutter is what’s often referred to as “Peer-to-Peer Fundraising” by many folks in the nonprofit industry. If you are simply looking to donate to a campaign, click the "Donate" button. It couldn't be simpler!

Ways to become a Team Member of an existing Campaign

  • Receive an email invitation from the Campaign organizers

  • Follow a direct link shared by the Campaign organizers

  • Click the "Fundraise" button on the main Campaign page

fundraise button

Fundraise Button Method

Once you click the Fundraise button, you'll be asked to create a Givebutter account. If you already have one, just click Sign in at the bottom of the pop-up window. Don't worry if you still need to get the perfect Profile Picture ready - you can always change that later! 🤳

sign up screen

Sign in or fill in the details for your new account and click Sign up.
In the next screen, add a few more details such as your fundraising goal and your personal story, then click Join this fundraiser.

join this fundraiser button

You'll be taken to your newly created Team Member page! 🎉 Make a note of the web address - that's your personalized link. Share that web address so you get credit when other people make a donation because of you!

personalized link

Note: If have not been invited to fundraise and you don't see a public "Fundraise" button on the campaign page, but do see other Team Members, please contact the campaign organizers to be invited to join as a team member.

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