How to use team member fundraising

All about enabling and managing peer-to-peer fundraising on your Page or Event campaign.

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About team member fundraising ๐Ÿฅ‡

Team member fundraising on Givebutter is often referred to as โ€œpeer-to-peer fundraisingโ€ by many in the nonprofit industry. Team members can receive credit for donations by sharing their custom link, and any donations made will automatically be credited to them. Without using the link, donors still also have the option to assign a donation to a specific team member, to ensure credit goes to the correct party. Team member fundraising can be used on any Page or Event campaign.

Team members are not admins, and do not have access to your dashboard. If you're looking to add or manage account admins or editors, please read our article about managing account users.

What's the difference between team member and multi-team fundraising?

  • Team member fundraising only allows individual team members to join a campaign. They compete on one level, peer-to-peer.

  • Multi-team fundraising has teams that include individual team members. Teams compete against other teams.

Example team member fundraisers

  • Community groups โ€“ ideal for viewing a leaderboard of individuals (team members) towards one common fundraising goal

individual team members
  • Sports and extra-curricular teams โ€“ ideal for viewing a leaderboard of individuals (team members) towards one common fundraising goal

Enabling team member fundraising ๐Ÿ’ก

On any Page or Event campaign, click on the Team tab located at the top of your campaign manager. Click on the Members tab, then click Enable team fundraising.

enable team fundraising

This will add a Team Members section to your public campaign page. You can join the campaign yourself, or invite members to join!

Adding team members โž•

Other options โš™๏ธ

Navigate to the Team tab, and then click Other options in the sub-menu.

Team fundraising settings

  • Enable or disable team fundraising โ€“ If disabled, the Team Member section will be removed from your campaign, but members will not be deleted.

  • Enable public Fundraise button โ€“ Turning this off will remove the "Fundraise" button on your campaign page. You can still invite team members to join via email or link.

  • Custom Fundraise button text โ€“ Edit the text displayed on the "Fundraise" button shown on your campaign page.

Multi-team fundraising settings

Crediting a transaction to a team member โœ…

When a donation is credited to a team member, the credit appears in the Supporter Feed, is added to the team member's fundraising total, and impacts their standing on the leaderboard. Team members are also notified of each transaction credited to their team member profile. Sometimes a donor will forget to credit a team member, or a credit needs to be edited after a transaction is processed.

  • Navigate to the Transactions tab in your dashboard.

  • Find the transaction you'd like to credit the team member for, then click on the white space to the right of the donor's name. (Do not click on the donor name itself.)

  • A transaction panel will appear to the right of your screen. In the Member section, click on Credit Team Member. Type in the name of the team member and then click Save.

Deleting team members โŒ

  • Navigate to the relevant campaign and select the Team tab.

  • Select Members in the sub-menu.

  • Click the three dots [...] next to the team member you'd like to remove and select Delete from the dropdown menu.

  • Click Delete to confirm.

If you delete a team member, any transactions credited to them will stay with your campaign and become unassigned. You can reassign the transactions to a different team member or let them remain as credit to the team in general.

Leaderboard calculations ๐Ÿงฎ

Leaderboards are a key component in fostering friendly competition amongst team members and teams, which is often one of the most important elements of successful fundraising campaigns.

# of donors times $ raised = leaderboard score

To help level the playing field, we factor in not only how many dollars members have raised, but the number of donors who have credited them as well. A team member that raises $1,000 from 2 donors is ranked the same as someone who raises $200 from 10 donors. First place is always the top left team member, continuing to the right.

team member leaderboard

FAQ ๐Ÿค”

My campaign doesn't have a Team tab at the top!

This is probably because your campaign is a Form campaign. Team features are only available on Page and Event campaigns. The good news is that you can easily change your campaign type at any time!

I need to credit a donation to a team member on a different campaign.

Unfortunately, while you can change the team member a donation is credited to, it's not possible to move transactions between separate campaigns. You'll need to issue a refund and ask the donor to submit the transaction to the correct campaign.

Can I edit the Team Leaderboard or Team Members section headings?

Not at this time โ€“ย you can only edit the text that displays on the Fundraise button, which is the button a visitor can use to sign up as a Team Member on your campaign. It is not possible to edit the other headings in this section.

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